Welcome!  I offer energy healing sessions at CenterPoint Mind, Body and Spirit in Houston, Texas.  I also offer distance healing sessions via Skype.  My sessions focus on releasing blocks from one's emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Old traumas, old belief systems, and suppressed grief are gently released.  The goal of each session is to encourage the participant to strengthen one's connection to the Higher Self.  This connection is done by way of the Heart Chakra.

Healing sessions are an act of Co-Creation.  The healer and healee share an equal partnership.  Therefore, the participant actively participates in the healing session. 

As far as I know, my sessions are unique since my focus is the Heart Chakra.  Regardless if one is dealing with increased stress, seeking Ascension, seeking trauma resolution, seeking wholeness, relationship healing, addiction recovery, seeking physical healing--focus on the Heart Chakra is primary.  One's Divine Spark (one's eternal state of Being) rests within the Heart.  Sometimes, our eternal flame just needs a little fanning. Other times, we need to rest in the arms of the Divine Mother.

Session participants report an increased awareness of their Divine connection, the opening of the Pineal gland, opening of the Heart chakra, ability to see auras/colors, stress relief, and an increase in emotional well-being.

...were two or more are gathered. 

A Healing Temple

The Sacred Space